Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A year ago today- Finding out I was pregnant!

Here is the story of how I found out I was pregnant. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since this day! I still remember it like it was yesterday and yet it is getting slightly fuzzy. 
 So I am writing this for your reading pleasure but mostly so I never forget as the years pass. 

November 10, 2015

I just felt like something was different. 

I don't know how to explain it. I just had this feeling like something was different with me. I had been doing the Basal Body Temp method of tracking my cycles. So I knew my tempature was staying high longer than normal but I still hadn't "missed" my cycle yet. I had an old unused pregnancy test that I was saving, because after 3 years of constantly thinking "maybe this is the month" I had gotten sick on getting my hopes up only to have the test come out negative. So I just stuck the last test I had in the bathroom cabinet thinking I would stop hurting myself and only take it if I was 100% sure it would be positive. 

It was positive. 

But I didn't believe it! I hadn't taken it till Justin had left for work because I didn't want to get his hopes up, yet again, if it wasn't positive. Even after seeing the faint lines I still didn't believe it! I thought it had to be because the test is old or something. So I went out to Walmart to buy another test never once telling Justin anything about what I was doing. Looking back that was really dumb of me... But anyway, the whole way to the store I was praying to the Lord that this wasn't some sort of joke He was letting me go through just so I could yet again lean on Him when my heart broke. I remember having WCIC on the radio and they were talking about babies and announcing pregnancies. Crazy, right?! I walked through the store in a daze thinking, "Should I take the test here or wait till I get home?" I figured it'd be weird to find out in a public bathroom stall so I waited. lol 

After taking 2 of the 3 tests throughout the day and both showing up positive I STILL didn't 100% let myself believe it was true so I waited yet another day before telling Justin! (I was so dumb, y'all... but I just couldn't wrap my mind around it) 

So on November 11, 2015 I took the last test in the box I had gotten the day before and stuck the positive test behind the tissue box in the bathroom. I wanted to wait to say anything so I could do something more special for telling Justin. Because after taking 4 tests in 2 days I was FINALLY letting myself believe that this was really happening! Justin texted me on his lunch break asking if my cycle had started yet because (he told me later) he was having a weird feeling that I was pregnant but didn't want to get MY hopes up. *laughs* Funny how the Lord works separately and yet exactly the same in our individual lives. I told Justin that I hadn't started yet (the truth)
 but changed the subject cause I didn't want him finding out he was going to be a Daddy over text. 

I had seen loads of cute ways to announce one's pregnancy but for some reason I wanted to go simple and sweet instead of over the top. Which is really weird considering my personality and how long I waited. lol But I decided I wanted to capture Justin's reaction so I put a sign on the front door and then waited with a camera to video him walking in. 

Cute and simple.

He texts me that he is on his way home which means I had 5 minutes of torture waiting for him. After what seemed like hours I finally hear him pull in the driveway and then his boots are walking up our front porch. I waited, holding my breath and pressed record on my phone. I hear him pause while reading this note and then swing the door open as fast as he can with a wide eyed look of excitement and disbelief (see I wasn't the only one who didn't believe it at first! ;)) on his face he asks, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!!? Are you really serious?!" Of course I start crying and nodding like a blubbering little girl, "Yes! I'm totally serious!" NOW it is all truly starting to sink in. We're going to have a baby!! He grabs me in a bear hug and keeps asking me over and over again if I'm truly serious (he was in shock y'all). We kiss and hug our emotions out and then he immediately starts praying and thanking the Lord for this answer to our prayers and for the safety of our baby. 

After I show him the positive tests and we talk more about our little one we realize we have to go to a family dinner with my parents and married siblings! We decide then and there that we want to keep this precious baby to our selves for a few weeks. So we went to the dinner with huge smiles on our faces and kept the whole thing under wraps as best we could. Of course after we told our families 2 weeks later on Thanksgiving Day all my siblings say they totally knew something was up that night but they didn't want to hurt our feelings by asking yet again if we were pregnant. Who knows what we would have said if they had asked. ;) 

Once we got home we took this picture together to always remember that day. (Like we needed any help. lol) 

Happiness and a look of relief of a long infertility burden lifted, written all over our faces. 

That is the end of our amazing story. 

Like I said this is mostly for us to never forget the finer details but I hope y'all enjoyed reading this too. I know I enjoyed reliving it while writing. 

Until next time! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jaxon's Labor, Birth, and Afterbirth Story

Hello Everyone! 

This is the story of labor, birth, and after birth of my son. Read at your own risk of TMI. ;)

My Birth Story

I was 41 weeks pregnant and starting to wonder if my son would ever come! But of course I also knew that was impossible for him to NOT come and he was going to in God’s perfect timing. Sure enough on the early morning of August 1st 2015 I started having some bad cramps around 12:00am. At first I didn’t think anything of them and went to the bathroom for the 3rd time that night and found some blood in my underwear which made me wonder if tonight was the night... Still I didn’t think it was time for labor yet cause my water was supposed to break first, right? lol ;) After getting back into bed I couldn’t fall asleep. Finally around 12:30ish I started timing the cramps to see if there was a pattern or if they were just random. As I timed them I realized they were coming close to 2 minutes apart and lasting for almost 50 seconds. I woke Justin up at 1:00am saying I was having bad cramps and they weren’t going away. He was so cute and thought it was morning and he had over slept and I was waking him up. lol When he realized what was going on he told me I should get in warm water so he ran me bath. We were both still pretty tired and still were not sure if we should start calling the midwife, doula, or our Mom’s so we decided to wait a little while longer. Around 2:00am we ended up calling the midwife (Brande) who told us to time the contractions and when they were lasting more than a minute to let her back up midwife know because Brande was going on vacation that day. Around that time we came to realize this was the real deal and Justin started to fill up the birth pool since warm water was the only thing keeping the contractions from coming too close together.  At 2:30am we called the backup midwife, Bernice and Doula, Malory telling them the contractions were becoming longer and staying about 4-5 minutes apart. They started to make their way to us. Around 3:30 we texted our Mom’s and told them today was the day and that they could come on over. Once people started arriving at the house both Justin and I relaxed and were able to just focus on keeping me comfortable. I tried different positions to labor in even though all I really wanted was to sit in my warm water... Justin and Malory made me move around. Looking back I’m so glad they did because it helped get Jaxon in the right position for birth much faster than if I had stayed on my bum like I wanted to. lol ;) Around 7:00ish I started to have the gentle urge to push. I just went with it and pushed when I felt like it. At 8:00ish I went to lay down in bed and my water broke! After that the urge to push came with each contraction and in a weird way it felt good to have something to do while the contractions came and went. I got back in the water and was pretty thirsty most of the time. In between each contraction I was able to close my eyes and almost fall asleep. My Mom’s told me later I would fall asleep and then jerk awake cause my head kept bobbing up and down. 

(Justin holds me while I'm standing during a contraction)

Let me just take a minute to try to put into words how absolutely and utterly amazing my husband was throughout this whole entire process. He was absolutely wonderful and never left my side! (except for bathroom breaks) Always holding my hand while being calm and confident while telling me I was doing so so great and to relax. One of the phrases he said throughout was, "you got this, babe! You can do it. Just relax."  He probably said this about 100 times and yet each time it helped me so much more than he'll ever know. <3 I seriously could not have done any of this without him. Pregnancy, labor, or birth! He was my rock throughout the entire process. I was able to lean on him and squeeze his hands when a particularly bad contraction came. Having his arms around me was so comforting and exactly what I needed. 

I don’t know what time it was exactly when I started to feel Jaxon’s head crowning. But when I did I told everyone that it was burning down there and the whole room moved into action knowing that the baby was coming really soon now. Malory was an angel and helped me through each burning push while I sat in between Justin’s legs, he supported me from behind with his arms around me. Malory was positioned to catch Jaxon as he came out. We were all getting super excited at this time and even though it hurt like crazy I felt like I got a second wind and I was just calmly saying “I just want him to come out already!” To which everyone kept saying, "He's almost here!!" When Jaxon’s head came out Justin started crying behind me and I kept wondering if he was okay. Finally after two more whole contractions, one for his shoulders and one for his hips, he was out and in my arms!!! I remember seeing that full head of dark hair and thinking, “Is this really my child?” lol Justin and I just kept saying “hello” to him and telling him we loved him and it was okay to cry to get his lungs clear. I’ll never forget that moment. We sat there, me in Justin’s arms and Jaxon in mine, for the first time a true little family of 3. All the years of waiting for a child, crying out to the Lord, and having the dark cloud of infertility over us seemed to disappear because we had our first born son in our arms. The Lord has truly been gracious to us. 

After a couple minutes of just soaking up our son, I will also never forget the urge I had to stand up. It’s all I could think about! Once I did, blood just started to pour out of me. At first I didn’t think anything of it... but then I noticed how worried everyone looked around me. I birthed the placenta and Bernice (my wonderful midwife) started to push on my uterus getting it to clamp. Justin was really scared for me and didn’t even want to cut Jaxon’s cord because he couldn’t stand the sight of all the blood that I was loosing. But I told him to just do it cause he would always regret it if he didn't. So he did. After this I went to the bathroom and then got in bed. I was worn out from labor and from the loss of blood. Bernice gave me a shot of pitocin in my thigh which helped my uterus contract even faster. Bernice and Malory continued to take my blood pressure and thank the Lord it started to rise after a little while. I was also starving and thirsty for juice so I think that really helped my situation out. 

After that scare was dissipating Justin, Jaxon, and I laid in our bed and just snuggled. Justin and I kept saying to each other that we have a baby now. It was amazing. 

Labor was nothing like what I expected and yet it was everything I anticipated. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not but it’s how I feel. I’ve read tons of books, have heard lots of birth stories, and was even blessed to attend 2 births before my own son’s birth. But everyone is different and handles pain differently so I wasn’t completely sure how I would react. I thank the Lord that I never felt like I couldn’t do it. In fact it never even crossed my mind until the very last few minutes when he was just a few moments from being in my arms. That was the only time I really felt like I had nothing left in me. But the Lord gave me the strength to do it!! And now that it’s been a month I could totally do it all over again! Especially if it means I will get half as cute, sweet, and cuddly a baby as Jaxon is. :) Now the not sleeping part that follows is something I’m more hesitant about doing again with a newborn. ;D 

Thanks for reading my very first labor story! I hope it all made sense. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask! I’ll answer as soon as I can with a 1 month old in the house. :)

Until next time, 
~A proud new mommy <3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our 2nd Anniversary!!

Two years ago we said, "I do". Two years ago we stood in front of the people whom we care most about and vowed to love each other until death do us part. Two years ago we had our first kiss. Two years ago we started a beautiful life together filled with love and happiness. Our God knows my every need and He knew that I needed you to be alongside me in this crazy and yet magical life. Neither one of us is perfect but we are perfect for each other. I love you, my sweet husband and I pray the Lord gives us MANY more years together! Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mi Familia

I love how my family is ever growing. I remember talking with my brothers and laughing about how weird it would be when we are all married. What we thought our spouses would be like and how many kids we would all have. Adoptions, marriages, a few more adoptions, and babies being born in young households, keeps our beautiful family large and growing. 

All the couples in love together. Looking back, I think we should have had Mom and Dad kissing as well in this. But it's okay. It's still a wonderful picture filled with love.

 Oooh my darling... I love you so much I cannot even begin to describe. 

"Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth {and adoption} and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger."

Until next time, 

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July 2013

Life is good. *happy sigh*

Yesterday was our Independence Day Celebration!! Most everyone from our church gathered at my parents house for an afternoon/evening of recreation, good food, fellowship, and a time of remembering the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I didn't take too many pictures because I was too busy talking with the amazing church family my Lord has blessed me with. While I was busy talking, Justin was busy beating the Dad's for the first time in their annual Father-Son volleyball match. Let's just say the guys were pretty happy to have won! 
The Lord finally blessed us with the perfect weather for our celebration. It was upper 70's to 80 with a lovely breeze and no humidity!! *cheers* It was fabulous! Some people even wore light jackets/sweaters. Like I said, perfect.

Anyway, enough writing and more pictures...

My darling love and I getting a picture together before everyone started coming...

I have said this before and I will say it again, cuteness runs in my family! Hattie is the perfect testament to that! Isn't she adorable in her little hat and dress? And those chubby cheeks? Goodness, I love her.

My cute siblings and outlaw brother William having fun playing in the sandbox. I'm pretty sure right before I took this picture they were singing "happy birthday" about to enjoy the little sand cake they had made together. 

This is only some of the people who were there. I love it when we have a full crowd of friends and family just relaxing with each other. 

Olivia being absolutely adorable as always. She seriously cannot get any cuter!

The little brother-in-love, Jadon figuring out the beanbag toss. Yes, his shirt is right, he is Captain Adorable! 

It's always a blast when Garr and Mel are there! These two are so sweet to watch together. 

Want to see some men turn into little boys? Just hand them some dangerous fireworks and watch the transformation take place before your very own eyes... With that said, they did a good job setting them off without hurting anyone.  

Jelly Bean!!!! In this picture she is telling me that her name isn't "Jelly Bean" by saying. "No jelly bean, no!" *laughs* Cutie pie! 

Justus is laughing pretty hard at me as I try to take his picture. He kept hiding from me so when I actually got it I was pretty proud of myself. Just look at that huge smile!

I end this post with these two beauties! Sara and Geneva are the best of friends and can always be found playing together. Their friendship is the sweetest thing to see. 

I hope each and every one of y'all had a fabulous celebration yesterday!! 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My love...


My darling, words cannot express how much I love you, care about you, and cannot live without you! You are the rock in our relationship, keeping me from getting lost inside my own thoughts and feelings. You can lighten up my mood just by singing some random disney princess song and you always make me laugh. You are the peanut-butter to my jelly and the sun to my blue sky. I love you, I love you, I love you!! I hope you have a fabulous day even though you have to work... :P I'll see you soon though!! *blows a kiss*

Such a hunk!!

I pray that our Lord and Savior gives you many MANY more years to serve Him on this earth! I also pray that the Lord give us 70 more years together full of love, laughter, and lifelong memories. 

I love you my dearest darling!
~Your loving wife

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hadassah Evangeline Sanford

March 30th 2013
I was in bed sleeping, since that's what normal people do at 2:00am, when Justin's phone rang. It was my brother Josh telling us that Jen had gone into labor with their second child and today was the day. They had a couple false alarms before because the baby has a flare for the dramatics, so I was hesitant to believe that today was actually "the day"... So I texted Jen real quick asking if she was absolutely sure. She wrote back assuring me that this was it! So I hopped into my truck picked up another friend who was supposed to be there and we headed to Josh and Jen's house. I am pretty sure Jen had already been in labor for 2 hours when I got there and she pushed through the labor for around 6 more hours until the beautiful words were said, "Aww! She's beautiful!! Welcome to the world, Hadassah!" 
She weighed in at 7lbs 10oz and was 20.5 inches long. She was, and still is, absolutely adorable... But you don't have to just trust me! Look at the pictures and just to make you even more jealous of the cute nieces I have, keep in mind that she is even MORE adorable in person!

Such cuteness... This blanket and hat were made special by Jennifer for her new baby girl. 

One big happy family!! I still cannot believe that my big brother is married, not to mention he already has a sweety pie in Jael. Now that he is a family of four it just blows my mind! In a good way. *smiles* Jael was unsure of Hadassah at first, but when I asked her if she liked her new baby sister she immediately said, "Mmmhhhmm!" Which is her way of saying, "yes!" I asked her if she thought Hattie was a beautiful baby and she answered the same. Such a sweet big sister Jael already is. Goodness, I love them...

Sunday was Easter, and since Josh and Jen couldn't leave the house, we came to them after church! It was the first time the rest of my family got to meet Hattie and my parents got to hold her for the first time. I just can't get over how adorable she is!! 

On top of my parents getting to hold her for the first time, I was also blessed to have some time cuddling the sweet little girl.

Justin also got to hold his new little niece for the first time! Justin has always been good with children and it brings tears to my eyes to see him so happy with a little one. Hopefully some day soon it will be our turn... It's really hard waiting and trying to be patient! But then the Lord sends little blessings in the two adorable nieces we have and it helps just a little more.

Here is our 2013 Easter Sunday picture! This is our second Easter being married. Oh, the amount of love I have for this man! 

Until next time! Have a fantastic Spring!!